Who Is Kung-Fu Kenny

You also would be asking this same question if you’ve listened to Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album “ DAMN”. The phrase “New Kung-Fu Kenny” was used all through the songs in the album. His Kendrick Lamar in to martial arts? what is he trying to pass across? You have to keep reading to know.
Kendrick Lamar unveiled his new kung-Fu Kenny alter ego in his “DNA” video and also at the Coachella music festival where he played a short clip titled “the Damn Legend of kung-Fu Kenny” before his electrifying performance.

The name originally dates back to “RUSH HOUR 2” when don Cheadle played the role of Kenny who was an ex-con who now owns a Chinese restaurant that served as a cover for an underground gambling business. in a wrap, Jackie Chan and tucker his partner, came to Kenny for information about a forging operation, this confrontation later led to a fight between Jackie and Kenny, after which they both found out that they were both masters of the art and were taught by similar masters. So technically don Cheadle was the ever first kung-Fu Kenny.

 The question now remains, why would Kendrick Lamar call himself the “New Kung-Fu Kenny”?

As we all know, Kendrick Lamar is a big fan of the Wu Tang clan and just like the group, he draws inspiration from martial art. This is obvious from his new found nickname and the plot of the short clip “The Damn Legend of Kung-Fu Kenny” which is similar to that of an old classic titled “The Last Dragon” in which the main act attained a level in martial art called the last dragon. It was famed in the movie that who so ever achieves this feat in martial art would possess the ability to harness an extraordinary form of power called the glow. Lamar’s alter ego, kung-Fu Kenny, was on a journey to achieve this same feat in the short clip which was played. The glow in this context would be reaching the peak of his career or mastering the art of hip-hop and being the best at it. He eventually attained this feat and found the glow, in a woman’s vagina nonetheless.

 In essence, Lamar’s alter ego “New Kung-Fu Kenny” symbolizes a young African American utilizing the advantages of Kung Fu to try and counter all the disadvantages he faced through his life and will continue too do to his skin color.


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